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A place for great conversations and inspiring beverages from The Long Now Foundation. Now open in San Francisco.

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The Long Now Foundation fosters long-term thinking and responsibility through a variety of projects.

The Interval at Long Now is our new home in San Francisco. Open to the public as a cafe, bar, museum and event venue from 10am to midnight, seven days a week.

The Interval is located in Fort Mason Center on the San Francisco Bay, with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Our venue features music and art by Brian Eno and prototypes of the 10,000 Year Clock. A celebration of long-term thinking and serves inspiring beverages day and night.

In the spirit of the intellectual salons of another age, we want to create an atmosphere that encourages conversation and contemplation. Our space will feature a crowd-sourced library with thousands of books, a gallery of artifacts from our projects, and serve exceptional spirits and cocktails as well as top quality tea and coffee.

Projects of the Long Now Foundation:

Background photo by Robert Mann

Fostering Long-term Responsibility • est. 01996


Scenes from the Long Now Salon cardboard prototype night, where we built out the structure of our new space in cardboard with the help of a great group of friends and supporters. Fun. And very useful for our design team to confirm the plan!

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